Digital Palestine

A Digital Palestine
A Digital Palestine
Digital transformation has been an imperative for countries around the world to foster economic growth, improve quality and efficiency of basic services and realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Never have individuals, businesses and nations been so dependent on technology as they are today. 
The Digital Palestine initiative aims to accelerate the digital transformation process in the State of Palestine through a multi-pronged strategy tackling bottlenecks from government policy and the enabling environment to the uptake and utilization of e-services. 
Paving the road to a Digital Palestine will require the concerted effort of multiple stakeholders and actors across different segments of society.
*DIGITAL PALESTINE is an aspirational effort to assist the digitalization journey of the State of Palestine. This site is positioned to propel forward the agenda for digital policy and programming formation and implementation, in cooperation with the digital ecosystem.*
Key indicators
E-government maturity of the public sector
E-government Coordination
Political Will and Support
Digital Skills
Digital Databases, Interoperability, Secure Data Exchange
International Cooperation
Information Security
Access to Services, Awareness-raising
Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure
Secure Digital Identity and Digital Signature
Legal Framework
Financing Model
Policy making gaps
Policy making gaps
  • A rigid and outdated regulatory framework
  • Poor coordination and policy implementation
Budgeting and financing
Budgeting and financing
  • High dependency on donor funding
  • Poor private sector investment
Digital infrastructure
Digital infrastructure
  • Restrictions on access to spectrum, sites for network coverage and import of telecom equipment
  • High costs
  • No 4g network in West Bank and no 3g network in Gaza
Limited e-services and utilization
Limited e-services and utilization
  • Poor quality of e-services
  • Limited citizen engagement and trust in e-services
  • Low digital literacy
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